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Personal Business Consulting

Hey! Want to Start a Business?

Kid Capitalist offers one-on-one business consulting for any aspiring kid entrepreneurs that want to start their own business but lack the knowhow to make it successful. With personal consulting, I hope to help collaborate with kids and offer innovative solutions to start or grow any business venture.

I offer in depth and personal expertise to in my Kickstarter Package which will personally establish your brand. Through my brand canvas, I will help you establish a defined and promising business, develop creative products and solutions, and even offer branding and marketing solutions. Contact me to learn more.

Kid Capitalist | Business Consulting
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What I Offer

Business Expertise

Discover the Keys to Any Successful Business with Personal Experience

Personal Tools

Personal and In-Depth Tools to Help Grow Your Business


Transform Ideas into a Reality with Guidance and Dedication


Meet Online and Work from Anywhere on your Own Time

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